In The Mosaic of Friendship, I wrote about my daughter preparing to leave for college. Pre School was my way of processing all the feelings I had with her first step into the world, her first day of kindergarten.

Pre School

All the trees seem to be waving today

But I’m not sure if it’s hello or good-bye.

I want to hold something that can’t be held,

Keep something not meant to be kept.


Impertinent time is teasing today

Its breath swirls around me, just out of reach

Like the warm, dusty light of a sunbeam,

Tummy-tickling descent down a hill,

Pulse-quickening magic of a first step,

Soft, sacred whisper of a child’s kiss.


Insistent life is pressing today

Moment upon moment, no time to wait

Must gather momentum, courage, supplies

Soon the big yellow bus adventure begins,

Watch the future roll in, and the little girl out

Into a world full of strangers, teachers and friends,


With my wave good-bye,

I send waves of love, pride, protection, support

The scene becomes blurred, she’s out of sight

Turning toward home, there’s a hitch in my breath,

I must learn to release as she starts to take flight.

--Deborah Correia 8/28/95